The challenge of an entire generation !


    Access to energy for all in Africa, the challenge of an entire generation!

    57% of African people don’t have access to electricity

    Over 600 million people across Africa live without power

    As one of the main leverage for social and economic development, access to electricity is considered a top priority solution for a strong short-term positive impact.


    Yet, electrification solutions, particularly in rural areas, are particularly expensive and often involve importing the equipment necessary for their implementation.

    Africa accounts for 50.7% of the unemployed youth worldwide

    The unemployment rate among 18-24 years old is double that of adults.

    According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), in 2013 the world had 75 million young unemployed. 38 million of them were living in Africa.


    In total, Africa has 200 million people aged between 18 and 24 years, 40% of the workforce. The many young people left without employment prospects are, for the ILO, a "lost generation, threatening social cohesion" in several African countries.


    African challenges, African solutions

    Searching for talents

    Revealing the wealth of African youth

    Based on these two African challenges, we have chosen to promote and support innovation and social entrepreneurship at the local level to identify, develop and broadly disseminate "made in Africa" electrification solutions of today and tomorrow.


    Therefore, in order to reveal the wealth and resources of African youth, we organize a pan-African innovation and inventions contest for non conventional energy generation sources.


    Financial Prizes

    Special prizes for special candidates

    A technical selection committee composed of professionals will select 10 finalists that will integrate the Energy Generation Academy for a one year high level training curriculum.


    The Awards ceremony is planned for early October in Lomé, Togo, to reward the applicants.


    Then, a jury will select three winners from these finalists and award three prizes worth 5,000 Euros for the first prize, 3000 Euros for the second prize and 2,000 euros for the third prize.


    Energy Generation Academy

    Getting into the entrepreneurial adventure

    The Energy Generation Academy is the first training center with the ambition to provide young entrepreneurs an excellent training specialized in the development of non- conventional sources of energy to promote access to electricity in Africa through technological innovation and youth entrepreneurship.


    Unique in its kind, the educational program developed within the Energy Generation Academy is based on a mix of theoretical knowledge (knowledge) and practical knowledge (hard skills ), but also a strong focus on personal development (soft skills).


    Thus, on all the proposed courses, students will be asked to put into practice in an iterative, interactive and collaborative way, all the theoretical knowledge of their project.


    More information about the Energy Generation Academy.

    WɔɛLab Accelerator

    From the idea to the prototype

    To do this, a partnership was established with the WɔɛLab "First African Space of Technological Democracy" based in Lomé.


    The WɔɛLab is a space of shared innovation where new approaches to the virtuous productive collaboration in the African context is developed daily, following the specifications of LowHighTech. The WɔɛLab developed the first African 3D printer built with electronic wastes.


    The WɔɛLab will host the winners for a 4 months intensive prototyping phase.


    More information about the Woelab.

    Solektra Solar Academy

    Special training sessions

    A partnership was established with Africa’s first solar academy which has been created to meet the challenge of developing the use of solar power for a sustainable future throughout Africa.


    This new training institute has been designed by Solektra International, a solar energy leader driving the Akon Lighting Africa initiative.


    The first three winners will participate to a training session in the Solektra Solar Academy in Bamako.


    More information about the Solektra Solar Academy.


    Our Partners


    June 10, 2016 - Call for applications

    Send us your application files and videos!

    September 15, 2016 - Deadline for submissions

    Now it's time for the Technical Selection Committe to deliberate! 10 finalists will integrate the Energy Generation Academy

    October, 2016 - Awards ceremony

    And the three winners are... Rolling drums!

    October 2016 - Energy Generation Academy

    Start of Phase I of the academic training within the Woelab- from the idea to the prototype.


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